Taking a Hint

I always think it’s odd when people can’t take a hint, but it’s a whole other thing when someone tells you clearly they are not interested and the person doesn’t move on. Trying to date someone is not like picking a career. It’s not like if you try hard enough or find a new strategy, you will eventually be successful. If someone isn’t interested, you are not their preference. You can’t really change who you are to fit a person’s type and even if you could, why would you? If the person doesn’t like you for you, then find someone who will. While you’re wasting your time pursuing someone who is simply not attracted to you, you’re missing out on people who are.

Like Gucci Mane said: Girls are like buses, miss one, next fifteen one comin’

If it’s not this chick/dude, it’ll be someone else

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Posted on Sunday, 11 December
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